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Swiftco Trailers North Queensland
ABN: 50 646 224 044

Phone:07 4755 0092
Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00am to 4:00pm Sat 8:00 - 12.00 Hours: 9am - 11am Saturdays

Office / Factory Address

287 Ingham Rd Garbutt, Townsville, QLD 4814

Snail Mail

287 Ingham Rd Garbutt, Townsville, QLD 4814

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Payment Options

All Payments to be made prior to pick up of trailer!

  • Direct Deposit - Please send through a copy of your deposit to sales(at)swiftcotownsville.com.au
  • Payments via Phone
  • Cash Payment - We DO NOT accept cash payments!.

Credit Card

Visa, Mastercard If you chose 'phone me for credit card' we can process an order with Visa & Mastercard only.
Credit Card processing over the phone is only available on weekdays between 8am to 4pm AEST.
Note: There is a 1.2% Surchage on Credit Cards.

Payment via Direct Deposit

Acct: Swiftco Trailers North Queensland
BSB : 084502
AcctNo : 235512721

Note: Please include your order number in the comments or reference area when depositing. If your banking institution does not include this facility please send an email to accounts stating your order number so we can process your order immediately.

Shipping Information

Freight Charges Interstate please contact the following companies

Location Company Contact Name Contact Number
Queensland DJ Freight Chris 0418 793 357
[email protected]
North to Cairns Leisure Transport Nick 0449 232 123
South to South Australia Leisure Transport Nick 0449 232 123
South to Canberra Pauls Transport Paul 0411 135 373
North to Cairns MP Commercial Transport Matt 0448 619 605
South to Melbourne MP Commercial Transport Matt 0448 619 605
South Australia John’s Transport John 0418 818 676
Sunshine Coast to Melbourne Utrans QLD - 0439 820 088
Nationwide Northline - 1300 722 534

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Congratulations on your product...(Rob Tanfield, Maryborough )

After purchasing a new 6 mtr boat in 2011 i got talked into purchasing another so called reputable brand of boat trailer from a QLD manufacture. After 12 mths it was showing signs of rust and deterioration like it was many years old and believe me i wash the boat and trailer down very well indeed after my return from a day spent on the water.

I have since off loaded that piece of “so called” best brand available and purchased one of your Swiftco brand and what a positive contrast in comparison, from the way its built to the quality of fittings used , i can just see this trailer is going to last me a lifetime !

Congratulations on your product and i will have no hesitation recommending you're brand to my friends and colleagues throughout the future

Extremely happy with the trailer...(Stephen Guthrie, Queensland)

Just letting you know that we are extremely happy with the trailer, now that it is here and adjusted to suit our boat. Thanks again for your service.

Trailer looks good (Sam Binnie, Queensland)

Trailer looks good and Chris was super helpful at the factory when I picked it up.

I would like to commend you on the way the transaction was handled. (Dave Ayres, Queensland)

Marcus trailer turned up today and I would like to commend you on the way the transaction was handled,very efficient and reliable. For one who hasn't yet fully embraced the cyber-space way of dealing,your company has taken me forward.

I have received the trailer. It is great. (Ashley Shuttlewood, Queensland)

I have received the trailer. It is great. I was totally amazed when I pulled up at the freight depot to pick it up... it is far better then the photos on your web page show!!! I can not believe how solid it is!!!! it will be a great reliable trailer and I will have no concerns traveling to the cape or to the gulf (a 5000-6000km round trip) with it. I have recommended you to a few people I know already who are considering a new trailer, as you cant beat the quality and the price. Over all but i am extremely happy with the trailer and have no concerns recommending you to others.

Am very happy with it. (Peter Treloar, Queensland)

I have taken delivery of it already and am very happy with it. my marine mechanic is too. cheers peter..

Replace winch

Coincidently, I lost a couple of teeth on the small cog on the winch on my Swiftco trailer. Phoned Swiftco On the Gold Coast where I bought the trailer, they told me to go see barracuda trailers in Garbutt. My winch was been replaced, no questions, I am very pleased, I was ready to argue my case: new trailer etc etc, no need, I was handed a complete new winch, and talked fishing for 20 mins.

Don't know the guy from Adam, but my experience has been excellent and so I recommend them.

We are very happy with our Swiftco trailers

Dear mr Youd

Thank you for going the ' extra mile' to ensure that we received the trailer
For our holiday. We are very happy with our Swiftco trailers ( boat and box ) and
Look forward to recommending to friends and neighbours and our next trailer purchase

Francois Naude

thank you for your time and patients

Hi Marcus,

We have eventually succeeded with our boat on your trailer.  We still have a few adjustments to make but looking good. Just like to thank you for your time and patients. 


Steve and Gayle Adams

Brodie and Kev were the best.

Absolute fantastic experience, Brodie and Kev were the best. Thank you both again, Nick & Julie

BEST people to deal with

Hi,  We would like to leave some feedback regarding our experience purchasing and picking up our Quest camper trailer at the Mackay show  last weekend.
Brodie and Kev were the BEST people to deal with ,especially going way beyond what they had to do regarding our oddball trailer plug and sorting it out with a lot of running around with not much time left in the day, Kev fitted it in a jiffy and was a great bloke to chat with ( but don't tell him that, evidently he has trouble fitting his head in a car) and all with a smile.
I will have no hesitation in recommending Platinum Camper Trailers to my friends & family because of these two top blokes,
Thanks again,
                     Nick & Julie Philip

Very happy with the quality of the boat trailer

I'd like to thank the two guys last fortnight who put the trailer together for me in such short notice. They were very professional in questions​ I had asked about how to fit boat on to the trailer & towing speed with an empty trailer.

Another big thumbs up for the salesman who got back to me quickly about the bearings.

Very happy with the quality of the boat trailer & top service of the swiftco team, I'll pass on any recommendations to other's

Cheers Dave Hickey

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Returns Policy

A product/item/purchase deemed by Swiftco Trailers PL to be defective must be returned to Swiftco Trailers PL within 14 days of the invoice date for a replacement product or refunded A product/item/purchase incorrectly purchased by you, whereby a replacement product is requested by you, must be returned to Swiftco Trailers PL within 7 days of the invoice date for a replacement product. Non defective items will be applicable to a 20% restocking fee. Swiftco Trailers PL will not refund the original shipping cost nor the handling fee incurred from the products return. If the purchase was made under a “FREE” shipping promotion, the replacement postage will not be applicable for the same free shipping cost. Swiftco Trailers PL maintains full discretion in decisions relating to a product fitness/ability for return. No refund will be applicable to any open or used product, including any product/packaging tampering in anyway. Swiftco Trailers and Swiftco Trailer Parts take no responsibility for orders made by customers where measurements have been provided incorrectly. Please ensure you check all information provided on your quote to ensure correct size/lengths/parts/components/goods have been ordered. Also refer to Returns policy for further conditions.

Towing Capacity

Each Swiftco trailer is applicable to a maximum towing capacity. It is your responsibility to ensure you tow under these conditions and weight as listed on the Compliance Plate on the trailer, including only towed by vehicle with correct braking requirements and towing capacity of make/model of towing vehicle.


It is your responsibility to ensure your trailer is, and is maintained under the correct registration code and state.

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Warranty and Limitation of Liability

All items offered for sale on this site have been displayed with the pictures and text supplied by the manufacturer. Whilst every effort is made to verify this information, mistakes can occur for which Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd cannot accept any liability.

Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd warrants that, subject to the limitations and exclusions as listed below, all Swiftco parts of our manufacture and/or assembly of our assembled trailers are free from defects in workmanship for a period of:

Five Years

Swiftco are an industry leader in providing a 5 year warranty on a Swiftco boat trailer frame.

Two Years

Fabricated steel components are warranted to be free of structural or welding defects for a period of two years of manufacture as listed on compliance plate

One Year

Hot dipped galvanized finish of each boat trailer surface is warranted against rust for one year from date of manufacture on the compliance plate. This also includes fabricated components manufactured by Swiftco Trailers PL. Cosmetic surface rust is not covered under warranty.

Six months

General fitness warranty for a period of six months from date of manufacture on compliance plate applies to lighting, hydraulic breaking equipment, axle bearing (excluding water entry), seals, tyres (excluding normal wear and tear), springs, callipers, hubs, jockey wheels and surface finish of wheels. This warranty does not cover cosmetic appearance, white rust, natural oxidation of the galvanised surface, including cosmetic rust on painted powder coating or zinc coated surfaces, brake pads, brake cable, winch straps, bow, keel, wobble rollers, skids, rubber wheels, tyres, galvanising on moving components, such as springs, axles and other moving parts.

Owners Responsibility

Your Swiftco Trailer must be maintained in accordance with our Maintenance Manual including servicing every 12 months; brakes and bearings service attention every six months. Refer to maintenance manual for full details to ensure your warranty is not void.


Warranty commences from the date on invoice. During the above stated warranty period, Swiftco Trailers PL will repair or replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts without charge to you. This is only applicable if products have been used under specifications and maintained in accordance with Swiftco Trailers Maintenance Manual. All repairs/replacement parts under this warranty must be completed by an authorised Swiftco Trailers PL repair facility at the cost of transport worn by you. Swiftco Trailers PL reserve the right to make design changes in trailers built and/or sold at any time without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes to trailers previously built and/or sold by them. Swiftco Trailers PL will not cover any claim arising from negligence, accidental, economic or consequential loss or damage to the owner or to a third party, loss of income or failure to perform recommended maintenance service. The warranty, remedies and exclusions set forth below are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral and written, expressed or implied. No reseller, agent or employee is authorised to make modifications, extensions or addition to this warranty.

Warranty conditions

The above warranty is subject to the following conditions:

  1. This warranty extends only to products distributed and/or sold by Swiftco Trailers PL
  2. This warranty only covers normal use of the product and within guidelines of weight limitations or product use intended.
  3. Product has been maintained in accordance with the Swiftco Maintenance Manual
  4. You must retain your invoice to receive warranty of service
  5. No warranty extension will be granted for any replacement part
  6. All original parts replaced by Swiftco Trailers PL or its authorised service centre, become the property of Swiftco Trailers PL.
  7. Any costs associated with transfer, transport or recovery of and products or goods or trailer or product including delivery to authorised Swiftco Trailers PL repair facility will be the responsibility of you.

Warranty Exclusions

The following exclusions apply to a Swiftco Trailers warranty

  1. Any after market additions, alterations, or modifications in any manner
  2. Swiftco Trailers PL is not liable for loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage that my result from use or inability to use their product. Under no circumstances shall Swiftco trailers be liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage exceeding the purchase price of the product.
  3. Trailer, product or repair that has been involved in an accident, loaned to a third party, misuse, negligence, speed, abuse, storm, flood, hail damage and other acts of nature
  4. Any unauthorised repairs made or attempted
  5. Any heavy or overloads which exceeds the maximum towing conditions asstated on Compliance Plate
  6. Any trailer damage or third party damage/injury caused by or a result of incorrect boat setup, not tying down boat effectively, luggage/goods inside or on boat/trailers.
  7. For all returns and claims for warranties, goods must be returned to Swiftco Gold Coast or Swiftco Townsville Any damaged caused to vessel, trailer, goods or property by incorrectly adjusted trailer or incorrect tow ball load, including any damage caused by securing a boat onto trailer by winch. (Winch is for pulling boat onto trailer, not suitable for securing a load)
  8. Trailers that have been used for commercial or off-road use (unless trailer is stated as ‘off-road’ or ‘commercial’ on original invoice.)
  9. Swiftco Trailers will not be liable for any appliance, persons, goods, boats or load carried or on trailer or additional carry weight
  10. Any rectification/modification/alteration or other work required to adhere to Local, State or Federal Legislation which occurs after manufacture and collection
  11. Any consequential damage or repair work necessitated due to continued use or towing when damage has been noted by the user.
  12. Trailers sold, transferred, leased to any other person than that listed on original invoice with original sale of the Swiftco Trailer
  13. Any trailers that are used within a hire business or lease arrangements.
  14. Any damages caused by external shipping/freight companies, including any delivery arranged by you.

In the case of a suspected warranty claim, please first contact Swiftco Trailers Head Office
11 Precision Drive, Molendinar, Queensland. 07 5618 8118 or for after hour enquiries 0419 665 720.
For all returns and claims for warranties, goods must be returned to Swiftco Gold Coast or Swiftco Townsville

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Terms & Conditions


This document forms the Terms and Conditions and Warranty between the customer and Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd, ABN 37 161 947 799 incorporating Swiftco Trailers and Swiftco Trailer Parts. Whereas the term ‘You’ and “Your” is used throughout this document, refers to any customer or potential customer of Swiftco Trailers and/or Swiftco Trailer parts. Whereas Swiftco Trailers PL is used throughout this document refers to either Swiftco Trailers or Swiftco Trailer Parts, unless otherwise clearly stated within this document.

Customer Acknowledgement:

Customer, acknowledges that if they are entering into a purchase with Swiftco Trailers PL, the full amount on the Swiftco Trailers PL invoice is due and payable, including GST and customer agrees to the item product/items listed on the invoice. Until full payment is received the product/items remains under full ownership of Swiftco Trailers PL.


A minimum 10% deposit is required on acceptance of all invoices. Once a deposit has been paid by customer, but customer wishes to cancel the customer forfeits 100% of the deposit amount if Swiftco Trailers PL have commenced production/shipped such product/item. If Swiftco Trailers have not commenced production you may be applicable to a 50% refund.

Finance Deposit

Any orders on invoices that do not get ‘finance’ or repayment plan approval through all applications, 100% of the deposit, minus administration costs, (if applicable) will be refunded within five business days


The full balance of invoice and any add on items/products must be paid in full and receipted by Swiftco Trailers PL before collection of the product may occur. A credit card fee as stated on invoice is applicable on all payments made by credit card. This fee will be added to the total amount payable or balance due and payable by you

Payment methods

Direct Deposit- Check invoice for banking details Credit Cards- Visa and Mastercard. Note 1.2% surcharge Cheque- Product or goods cannot be released until clear funds received PayPal- Swiftco Trailer Parts only

Shipping Fees

If applicable, you agree to shipping/freight charges payable by you. These costs are variable depending on your location and delivery address. An estimate is provided and payable on your invoice however in the rare cases of freight being undercharged by Swiftco Trailers PL, you agree to pay to outstanding additional amount within five business days of the invoiced freight/shipping charges being emailed/mailed to you. If freight charges are less than on invoice, you may be eligible for credit.

Freight, Shipping, Postage

Swiftco Trailers PL is not liable for any loss, theft or damage to any goods or product in transit when shipping/freight has been organised by a third party.


All quotes are valid for 5 days unless otherwise stated.

Trailer pick up

All trailers are to be picked up within 10 working days of being complete. A $50 per day storage fee after this time may be applicable.

Debt Collection Fees

Any expenses incurred by Swiftco Trailers PL in the pursuit of reclaiming monies owed, including external fees such as, but not limited to, solicitors, debt collection agencies, QCAT, filing fee, bailiff fees shall be paid by the customer to Swiftco Trailers PL on top of the invoiced amount owing. Interest and administration fees may also be added to the outstanding amount after 14 days of amount originally due by customer to Swiftco Trailers PL.


Once goods or products are placed in hands of freight or courier company, the ownership of product is transferred to the customer. Swiftco Trailers PL are not liable for loss, damage or any liability whatsoever once the product or goods leave the premises. This includes any products purchased via finance or payment companies whereby full funds are still forthcoming. The only exception to transfer of ownership is if goods or products are not paid in full and not being purchased via finance or payment company. In this case ownership remains with Swiftco Trailers PL until full funds are receipted by Swiftco Trailers PL.

Delivery/production times

Certain peak periods experienced by Swiftco Trailers PL may see wait time for production/manufacture of items/products up to 4 weeks. You will be notified if your product/item will be longer than this stated period.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only applicable under written consent by Director of Swiftco Trailers PL. Refunds will incur an administration fee of 10% and a restocking fee of 20%. If product/items has been used, products will be deemed as second hand and may not be eligible for a refund. Under acceptance of Director of Swiftco Trailers PL only, a refund may be approved with a cleaning fee of $99 per hour charged to customer. Refer to returns policy for further full details and conditions

Display/Demonstration Model

Display models are sold in an “as is, where is” condition and come with a limited warranty or as provided in writing by director of Swiftco Trailers PL. If no warranty certificate provided with display/demonstration items, then no Swiftco warranty is provided.

SecondHand Trailers

All second hand trailers are sold in a "as is, where is" condition. No warranty is available on any secondhand trailer.


Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd accepts no liability if something goes wrong while using one of our products. Swiftco accepts no responsibility for loss of/damage to business or personal/public/product/item injury.


Any prizes donated or provided under sponsorship must be collected within 30 days, unless previously arranged in writing by Director of Swiftco Trailers PL.  Any gift vouchers must be used by their expiry date. No refund provided on Gift Vouchers for voucher amount if full voucher amount not used.

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Privacy Policy

At times and if applying for finance you acknowledge that your details provided to us will be provided to our Finance Broker. Swiftco Trailers PL comply with The Privacy Act of 1998. Your details provided to Swiftco Trailers PL is retained for warranty purposes and may be given to a third party to service such warranty repairs. By providing Swiftco Trailers PL with your details you agree to Swiftco Trailers PL, and our associated businesses contacting you from time to time in relation to your purchase, feedback, and referral and agree to your comments being used in our testimonies both on our website and via social media campaigns.

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How to order a Boat Trailer from Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd?

To purchase a boat trailer from us simply select the trailer best suited for your boat by either:

Once you have chosen the boat trailer suited for your boat simply click 'Place order for Trailer' button which will take you to the Boat Trailer Order Page. Please select your Payment Options and fill in your Shipping Details to complete your order. Please note: You will only be paying a 30% deposit to secure your boat trailer order.

What size boat trailer do I need?

To find the correct trailer for your boat please use our Boat Trailer Finder.

Boat length is measured from the bow to transom illustrated below (A). (excluding swimming platform).

Measuring your boat for correct trailer selection.

To find the correct trailer for your boat please use our Boat Trailer Finder.

How much weight should be on my towball/drawbar?

Typically on a boat/trailer the overall weight of the boat/motor trailer should not exceed between 5-7% of the total weight on the towball. Eg Boat/Motor/Trailer weights 800kg the towball weight should not exceed 56kg as a general rule.

The correct weight should be between 5% to 10% of the overall GVM capacity. Example - Trailer with 1999kg GVM. Towball weight 99kg to 199kg. Having the wrong towball weight will effect the performance when being towed at > 60 kph

I am looking at buying a boat and am unsure whether it requires brakes or not? Can you help?

Laws in Australia require boat/motor and trailer packages that weigh over 750kg including all three weights require brakes. If the boat/motor and trailer weighs over 2000kg you will need a breakaway system. See our Hydrastar Braking system page on our website for more information.

l want to convert my trailer from skids to rollers can l do this?

Yes we have rollers in a double roller set or quad roller set that clamp to most frames being 50mm or 75mm. See our parts section on our "Trailer Repair Centre" Website to view these rollers. Codes 3100 and 3110.

How often should I service my trailer?
We recommend your trailer to have a minor service within the first 6 months after purchase followed by a major brake & bearing service every 12 months. This will keep you safe on the road and increase the life of the trailer. Rollers and components reset and checked every 24 months.
Is everything on the trailer Galvanized?

YES. Everything that can be Galvanised is including axles, hubs, springs, u-bolts, nuts and washers are all galvanized.

What stud pattern are Swiftco Boat Trailers Australia wheels?

trailers have Ford type stud pattern

Can I convert my single axle trailer to tandem axle?
What is the white powdery substance on my trailer?

White Rust. The condition of the galvanised finish is governed by the environment in which the trailer is maintained and stored. Deterioration of the galvanizing (and the formation of 'white rust') is accelerated in areas of high humidity, poor ventilated storage, high salinity or poor water levels. See the following article for a detailed explanation.

Trailer Maintenance.

It is recommended that your trailer be serviced at least once a year, with brakes and bearings requiring six monthly service attention. Checks should be done on all your running gear including bearings, hubs, brakes, wheels and tyres. Wash your trailer down after each use and check that all bolts and nuts are tight. Regular maintenance will lengthen the life of the trailer and keep the trailer in safe operation.

Trailer VIN Numbers.

Every trailer has a compliance plate fitted Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) included in the price.

Does the Boat Trailer come with Registration?

No. The boat trailer needs to be registered in your name by you. We will supply you the receipt that has all the information on it to register the boat trailer including the VIN Number. Take the receipt along with the trailer to the transport department to register the boat Trailer.

For more information in regards to registering a light trailer in QLD pleaes visit Transport and Main Roads website here: http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Registration/Registering-vehicles/Caravans-and-light-trailers.aspx

You will require the following documents for trailer registration in QLD:
Trailer Registration Information.

For more information in regards to registering a light trailer in QLD pleaes visit Transport and Main Roads website here: http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Registration/Registering-vehicles/Caravans-and-light-trailers.aspx

You will require the following documents for trailer registration in QLD:
How much does it cost to ship my trailer?

Our freight charges include packaging, pallet, freight, insurance and gst. Click here to view shipping rates in your area.

Do you require Boat to Trailer Fitting?

We recommend for all Boat to Trailer fittings:

  • Dave Pemberton, Ph: 0427 778 373
Is there a warranty on your trailers?

YES. Cilck here for full warranty information.

Lanox information?

  • LANOX-mx4 is a heavy duty anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant made with a high grade lubricating oil and refined pure lanolin base with specialized chemical compounds.
  • LANOX-mx4 contains no silicon, kerosene, acids or dieselene.
  • LANOX-mx4 is harmless to metal points and surfaces, plastics, painted and enamel finishes, fibreglass, formica, rubber or neoprene seals.
  • LANOX-mx4 doesn't become sticky, gooey or gum up. DOESN'T DRY OUT OR WASH OFF WITH WATER.
  • LANOX-mx4 is non-conductive, non-static, non-corrosive and non-toxic.
  • LANOX-mx4 prevents electrolysis between dissimilar metals.
  • LANOX-mx4 is extremely resistant to salt water and drying out.

What are the Bearing Numbers for my Swiftco Trailer
  1. BC-4000 (4.0 Metre) Outer Bearing # LM12749 - Inner Bearing # L68149 Water Proof Seal # 42-60-8
  2. BC-5000 (5.0 Metre) Outer Bearing # LM12749 - Inner Bearing # L68149 Water Proof Seal # 42-60-8
  3. BC-5500 (5.50 Metre) Outer Bearing # LM12749 - Inner Bearing # L68149 Water Proof Seal # 42-60-8
  4. BC-6000 (6.0 Metre) Outer Bearing # LM12749 - Inner Bearing # L68149 Water Proof Seal # 42-60-8
  5. BC-6900 (6.90 Metre) Outer Bearing # L68149 - Inner Bearing # L68149 Water Proof Seal # 42-60-8
  6. BC-7200 (7.20 Metre) Outer Bearing # L68149 - Inner Bearing # L68149 Water Proof Seal # 42-60-8
  7. BC-DOUBLE-JET-SKI Outer Bearing # LM12749 - Inner Bearing # L68149 Water Proof Seal # 42-60-8
  8. BC-JET-SKI  Outer Bearing # LM12749 - Inner Bearing # L68149 Water Proof Seal # 42-60-8
  9. Box Trailers All - Inner = LM 16849 Outer = LM12749

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